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Craig Transportation Co. is a regional and multi-regional dry van carrier, a full service spotting and warehousing operation, as well as an experienced logistics provider.  Whatever your needs, CRAIG will exceed your expectations.  

Our Solutions

Regional Solutions

No shipment is too short.  We serve all points between Iowa and New Jersey and between Michigan and Kentucky.  Craig specializes in retail deliveries.  We handle the 30 - 300 mile move with the same attention and detail whether it be expedited or next day service.

Spotting Solutions​

We are experts at drop lot and yard management.  Our team of spotter experts will take command to and from your dock doors in a safe and reliable manner.  Give us your start date and let us do the rest!  From asset management to driver hire, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met.

Warehouse Solutions

Let us choose and customize the perfect solution for your operation.  With our experience in management, production and equipment you can be sure we won't leave any stone unturned.  We will locate the proper space in the right location to ensure that your business runs exactly as you intend.  You will also have a personal solutions expert to attend to all of your questions or concerns.

Shuttling Solutions

CRAIG has multiple locations throughout the United States that employs qualified Company Drivers to shuttle local material from point A to point B.  We take care of it all; tractor and trailer purchasing, hiring qualified and dependable drivers, on-site setup and orientation as well as 24-hour management with a dedicated CRAIG representative.  A local operation that works for YOU.

Logistics Solutions

With a dedicated 24-hour Logistics team you can rest assured your freight will be covered.  Our experienced team will help you place loads to reliable and trusted partner carriers.  Every carrier is reviewed and approved by our experienced Safety Department to ensure your load is being placed in responsible hands. 

Customer Service

We offer 24-hour access, a full line of EDI services and web based XML access so our Customer Service department can work in unison with shipping personnel and your customers to ensure on-time service and satisfaction.  We also have a 24-hour maintenance and safety department in an effort to minimize downtime due to breakdowns or other unforeseen circumstances.

Interested in hiring us for your transportation needs? Lets Talk.

Contact Our Sales Team Today! 
800.521.9119 x 3139 or 419.261.1108
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